Kids Rock Quarry

Kids Rock Quarry

We love to see our kids growing up and knowing the word of God. Every week we have something planned for our kids to have some fun and learn. We have just expanded our children’s classroom spaces to meet the needs of our growing ministry.  Here is a list of all the classes and groups that meet during our Worship Service on Sunday Mornings.


Pebbles: Infant – Age 3
Our littlest children enjoy socialization and playing in a safe and nurturing environment.

Rocks: Ages 4 – First Grade
Our toddlers make a craft and enjoy learning about God’s love.

Boulders: Second – Fifth Grade
Our Boulders learn about depending upon and obeying God.


The Rocks and Boulders are dismissed after the offering portion of worship.


Spark Youth Ministry:
Grade 6-8 grade
Meets every other Sunday during the Worship Service.  Group is dismissed after announcements.


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