About Us

About Us

Our purpose at Christ The Rock Community Church is

Worship We exalt Christ in celebration as well as fostering the view that life is an opportunity to worship.

Mission We reach individuals, communities and the world with Christ’s message of hope and salvation.

Disciple We train and equip people to become loyal, learning followers of Christ.

Connect We display and share God’s love with all people through community and fellowship.

Life Development We support, equip and encourage the faith of children and youth. (Proverbs 22:6)

We have a vision

To help each individual experience a personal relationship with God, through His Son Jesus, as we GATHER together and share our faith and to celebrate God’s love and mercy. We desire to be a loving, caring and accepting community and to promote and maintain a fellowship of unity through the Holy Spirit. Our commitment is to be diligent and faithful to God’s Word.

We desire to form small groups where people can GROW in their commitment to loving God and loving others. We seek to train and equip each other to use our gifts to GO and serve others in a manner which honors God. Our goal is to continually develop and grow as a faithful community of believers passionately devoted to pursuing God.

Our Core Values mean we are committed to

Loving God and loving others.

Truthfulness based on God’s Word

Reaching and restoring the hurting to wholeness.